Leasing vs Buying a Car in San Antonio TX

At some point you will be faced with the exciting, but significant decision of purchasing a new car. With that decision comes the choice of leasing vs buying a car in San Antonio TX. At Ingram Park Nissan we want our shoppers to feel informed and confident in their choice before signing on the dotted line.

Before handing over your money for a new car it is important to establish whether buying or leasing a car is the best financial and lifestyle option for you. This choice is one that will likely be based on your driving preferences, job status, and personal needs. Both leasing and buying a car offer their benefits, but they also pose a few downfalls that could entail a little more work, planning, and money than you anticipated. When choosing between leasing and buying consider whether you’d prefer monthly payments or a higher upfront cost. Also consider how often you travel and determine whether or not you’d want to be able to customize your car. This will help narrow down your choice and point you in the right direction.

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Buying a Car in San Antonio TX

Buying a car is a great option for drivers who prefer consistency and control. When owning a car drivers have the ability to take full responsibility for their ride, but that also means taking on any issues or costs that come up.

Owning a car gives drivers the freedom to keep a car as long as they want until they decide to sell it. They also have the ability to customize the vehicle to suit their specific needs and expectations. If there is a specific paint color, technology feature, wheel type, etc. that you want, owning a car gives you the freedom to make those choices. Also, if you’re constantly traveling for business or pleasure you don’t have to worry about limiting your mileage when you own the vehicle, and when you’re finally ready to move on and sell your car, its value belongs to you and not a leasing company. If you’ve taken out a loan for the vehicle you can also put the value of the sale towards paying it off along with any costs associated with the loan. Sure, you take on the responsibility of preparing wear and tear, but you won’t incur additional fees on top of the cost of repairs.

Leasing a Car in San Antonio TX

Owning a car isn’t for everyone, especially if drivers want the flexibility of having a fresh car after their lease is up. The upfront costs are much lower, but because the car isn’t yours you are responsible for keeping it in impeccable condition.

Leasing a car is an awesome option for the driver loves having access to the latest and greatest vehicles and technologies. If you don’t like the idea of being stuck with the same car until you decide to sell it, leasing is ideal. Although you won’t be able to build any equity on a leased vehicle, the vehicle’s resale value won’t affect you negatively in the future. In most cases lease payments are lower than loan payments as you’re only paying for the car’s depreciation during your established lease term. However, you’re still in charge of paying for interest charges, taxes, and any fees that may come up down the line. If the car has endured excessive wear and tear, if you end the lease early, if you’ve made any changes to the vehicle or if you’ve put on too many miles you could be facing some serious additional charges. Ultimately, you must weigh the pros and cons according to your preferences and lifestyle. Visit us at Ingram Park Nissan for more information on how to buy or lease a car in San Antonio TX.